Enjoy a free lifestyle in Tbilisi

Join over 40 girls and get free access to dinners, events, activities and much more

How it works?

Ethereal is a Worldwide-based agency that allow ladies to access various dinners, clubs, events, activities completely for free. This will allow local business to grow through social media.

Step 1

Fill the form on the bottom of this page and wait up to 48 hours for the approval on WhatsApp.

Step 2

After the approval, you'll be added to our official WhatsApp group. All the activities, events, etc will be announced there.

Step 3

Confirm your participation and enjoy! Everything will be free of charge and the only thing that we're asking is tagging us in one of your stories on your Instagram profile.

Fill the form to get access:

Make sure your Instagram account is public and not private.
Approval usually takes up to 48 hours. You will be contacted on WhatsApp.

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